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How We Can Help You

With a dedicated team of experienced attorneys, Kertar & Sandhu knows that the best way to address our clients’ legal issues is to understand their business and industry. Your case is important to us — read on to learn about our areas of expertise.

Practices: Practices

Family Law

Family law generally includes divorces, children and other family matters. When family disputes occur, emotional distress commonly follows. As emotional tension runs high, seasoned advisors are necessary to aid the process of the case, not hindered by the irrationality of anger and grief. We provide support for all stages of matrimonial proceedings.


Annulment of Marriage

Deed of Separation

Contested Divorces 

Uncontested Divorces 

Expat Divorces


Custody and access to children

Distribution to Matrimonial assets

Variation of Court Orders


Syariah Law

Our Fees

Grant of Probate

From $2000

Letter of Admin

From $2000

Uncontested Divorce 

From 1500

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