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What happens during police custody in Singapore?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

While an individual is in custody, police officers will carry out investigations as necessary. The individual is required to surrender all their belongings they may have on them at the point of custody. A standard procedure whereby the police officer is required to retain the items until the case is concluded.

An investigation office (IO) is responsible for asking your facts and circumstances related to the case in the language the individual understands. Additionally, the individual may be brought to places such as the scene of the crime, to recover evidence that may be relevant to the investigation.

If required, the individual may be asked to take a polygraph examination (lie detector test) or participate in an identification parade; a procedure where victims and eyewitnesses are asked to identify the individual or group they think has committed the offence.

During the investigation, the police will proceed to record a statement from you. Any statement taken is recorded in writing. You will have to read the recorded statement and then sign it.

Once completed, if the police decide to charge you with an offence, the charge will be officially set out and explained to you. Your following response to the charge will then be recorded in a cautioned statement. A copy of the cautioned statement must be given to you.

What happens if the accused is a Juvenile or persons with mental disabilities?

Using ab Appropriate Adult Schemes for support during police interviews or taking of recorded statements. Presence of "Appropriate adults" are neutral parties who facilitate communication between the accused and investigation officer, in aim to help the accused understand the queries leading to effective communication vice-versa. They are also present to provide emotional assistance to the accused.



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