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What is a Probation ? What should you expect? Does it leave a Criminal Record?

A Probation is offered to offenders by the court as a community-based, rehabilitative sentencing programme by the Singapore Court. It is considered an alternative option to penal or corrective sentences that are carried out in juvenile homes or prison. It ranges from a duration not less than 6 months and not more than 3 years.

If you are granted a Probation, you will be placed under the personal care and supervision of a Probation Officer, Compulsory order obligation will be required for the offender to comply with the conditions stipulated by the court in the Probation Order. These obligations and conditions may include;

  1. Curfews

  2. Regular reporting sessions to the Probation Officer

  3. Community service requirements

  4. Residence in approved institutions for a maximum of 12 months

  5. Programs designed to your specific risks and needs.

A sentence of Probation is not equivalent to a first conviction and will NOT result in a criminal record.

Do note that even if the offence you have been charged with qualifies you for probation, it does not necessarily mean that the court will place you under probation. In the end it is up to the court's discretion to decide whether to do so.

If you require more information and assistance as to the sentencing option and eligibility of probation in Singapore , feel free to get in touch with our criminal lawyers for assistance.

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